Summer Plumbing Tips for Milwaukee

When the days are long and warm in Milwaukee, it’s tempting not to worry about home maintenance … and your home’s plumbing in particular. But there are a few things you should keep an eye on especially if you’re trying to sell your house during the summer.

In your bathroom:

  1. Check around the base of your toilet to make sure the floor doesn’t feel spongy. If it does, it may mean that your toilet has leaked and caused water damage to the floor.
  2. Check for loose tiles by pressing on the wall of the bathtub. If the walls are soft or spongy, water may have created damage behind the tiles.


  1. Take a look inside of your cabinets and check for signs of water damage. Damage signs include a warped cabinet bottom or stains.
  2. Go outside and take a look at your yard. If you have standing or excess water that is unusual or that you haven’t seen before, it may indicate a damaged sewer line, and the water may contain waste from the home.