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Water Heaters

How long should water heaters last?

The amount of time a water heater lasts depends on how well maintained the heater is, water quality, amount of use and whether it was installed properly. In general, water heaters will last 12-15 years before they need to be replaced. If one of the factors above was more extreme (i.e., water quality caused extreme buildup of sediment in the tank), then the water heater would need to be replaced sooner.

What size water heater should I get?

The size of water heater that a home requires is calculated based on the number of family members, number of bathrooms, the number of dishwashers, washing machines and whirlpool baths, and taking into account any other activity that requires high water usage. For the average single-family home with two bathrooms, a dishwasher and a washing machine, a 40-gallon water heater is usually sufficient while 50-gallon and 75-gallon models are also available.

How hot should I set my water heater?

For the average family, setting the temperature of your water heater at 125° F is sufficient. This prevents wasted energy (which means cost savings for you) and also decreases the possibility of scalding water burns. If you run out of hot water on this setting, increase the temperature by five degrees incrementally until your hot water needs are met. The goal is to have the temperature set just high enough to meet your needs.