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Tree Roots

I've heard that roots can really wreak havoc on your plumbing. How does that happen and what can I do to prevent it, if anything?

During the winter or if it is very dry during the rest of the year, a tree's roots will go looking for moisture anywhere they can find it. The roots follow the moisture vapor coming through tiny holes, cracks or seals in pipes. Once found, the roots will penetrate the opening and insert hair-like root masses into the pipe. Waste from your home such as toilet tissue or food debris catch on these root masses and clog up your pipes. Some pipes are more susceptible to roots than others. Clay pipe is most vulnerable while PVC pipe has joints that are more tightly sealed and less likely to leak moisture.

Once roots have penetrated your pipes, it really is best to call a plumber to have them removed. With enough root penetration, pipes can completely collapse and cause a great deal of water damage. Mike Ingrilli Plumbing uses a sewer camera system to identify the specific problem and then will use a Ridgid K-7500 sewer machine to remove the debris from the pipe. We will even give you a DVD with the video we took of the pipe.